Tools And Processes
To strengthen our efficiency, to reduce turn around time and for higher accuracy we have in house professional software teams. They develop support application for all projects. They are:
DeCaP i.e. Data Entry Capture And P rocessing. This application is developed to boost Soft Tech System operations and business practices.
-  Objective
-----------------This tool is developed to increase our efficiency and guarantee the quality of out put. Main -------------------------------objectives of DeCap are
Easy and completely customizable.
Multi platform availability.
Complete project Lifecycle support.
User Friendly Operation Group, Customizing User, Implementation Admin and     to all other types of users.
Project Independence
Extensible Multiple input/output data formats
Versatile Network support i.e. web enabling
Standardized reporting functionalities
Support for standardized output destination connectors.
Server Centric
Multi project support with single server
Customization facilities
  Management Functionalities
  Centralized user Profile support
  Restricted access and role definition
  Project management
  Project lifecycle support
There are high chances of inaccuracy in the OCRed data obtained from checks and remittence forms. We use 'Suspect Connectors' to capture these suspects and send it to our professionals at STS premises. They go through every data manually and provide our clients with totally error free and accurate data which is now ready for use.
  ---------- Objective:

Clients automated remittance processing system is estimated to put suspected files in defined folder. These suspected images that cannot be actually recognized need to be manually interpreted and converted for reaching almost a100% accurate output.

Soft Tech System has proposed a solution to effectively transfer these suspected files to STS premises and to return the output.

  ----------  Features
Fully automated system.
Auto search for suspect files.
Creating batches for suspect files.
Creating zip files for same.
Load zip file to Soft Tech System FTP.
Fast and reliable, no dedicated manpower required.
User friendly.
The spectrum of IT enabled services that we offer includes the following on a broad segment includes: Mass Data Entry & Data Processing,  Insurance Claim Processing, Acrobat PDF Conversion
Data Capturing & Processing Application (DCPA)

DCPA the high-performance software solution for professional data capture and data processing with integrated automatic document reading and image processing.


We do  payments processing done by an Ordinant to the Beneficiary, through  Banks. This is done through filing up a document by the Ordinant, (Agent) which is called the Order of Payment to Percipient (Client).


Using such sophisticated data processing application we are able to provide solutions for professional high-speed data capture/data entry including complete validation function.


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