Team Structure
Innovative Group System
In order to guarantee each task to be executed with perfection and at the same time to keep the processes simple, our organization is divided into few internal groups with distinctly defined accountability, responsibility and authority (ARA in short) details. The detailed lists of ARA are prepared and maintained through an established process by themselves and thus the uniqueness.
  Business Group (BG)
Consists of highly successful entrepreneurs and business managers with strong technical backgrounds
The multi group system has been devised and implemented by them.
They understand data management practices of almost all kinds.
Direct interest in organizations growth.
Honesty is their first paradigm.
  Business And Process Management Group (BPMG)
Process definition for pilot project and its execution.
Identifying new process requirements and defining them.
Process Validation for other groups through pre implementation review meetings.
Software development for new projects and overall business managementand process implementation.
Monitoring of each processimplemented through a process leader from the group.
Vulnerability Assessment for any project.
  System And Data Management Group (SDMG)
Internal System and domain security management.
External communication monitoring.
Live job data download, upload and turnaround time monitoring.
Data backup and management of mail, proxy and internal application servers.
Administrating the access level of any individual to the domain and to any workstation.
They provide one stop communication end point for 7 * 24 facility through web chat /mailers/phone or premise visit facilitation.
Operations Group (OG)
ARA for each role is well defined and covers each aspect of project execution.
They implement a process defined by BPM Group for any live project.
A dedicated shift leader along with quality leaders guarantees the quality
Shift leaders are accountable for particular shift activities in this group like job
  distribution, quality and process milestone hand shakes with associated job leaders.


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