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About Soft Tech System

Soft Tech System is in the business of providing cross-border IT e-services and functions to clients across the globe. Our facility is top of the line and is equipped with high-speed connectivity. We are 100% EOU, and has varied business interests across the world.

Soft Tech System's facilities are in Chennai an IT business center facility that houses many major software development companies. With tremendous domain experience and dedicated people, Soft Tech System is always striving to be the #1 data management company in India..

intense competition & a desire to excel has fostered a keen awareness in Soft Tech System the importance of delivering standards of quality in the international market.


We strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of our    
customers by providing superior value through quality service,
innovation and continuous improvement. We are committed to being a  one-stop solution center for any type of data management service to our clients, as well as having the most up-to-date
technology. We create cost-effective solutions which enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our clients.

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