Offshore Outsourcing
Why Outsource to India?
Well educated labor market
  • India has an abundance of computer literate manpower with English as their first language.
  • Indian universities produce 85,000 graduates per year and enjoy a strong reputation in the global business community
Highly cost effective as compared to western countries
  • By outsourcing to India an organization can save as much as 40-50% percent of costs compared to what it would cost in the western countries thus allowing an organization a great competitive edge.
  • In terms of quality the clients' data is processed through the method of conventional "double keying" to provide an excellent accuracy level.
Low labor cost
  • The cost of qualified personnel being lower in India than the western countries is attracting several offshore partners to make investments in India.
World-class infrastructure
  • India administers one of the largest telecom networks in Asia with 24.3 million telephone lines expanding @ more than 20% per annum and 123,000 route kilometers of fiber optic cable network.
  • Over 8000 VSATs are installed all over the country by various service providers, private users and Government agencies.
  • India has access to fiber optic cable (Submarine cable) network through FLAG and Sea-Me-We-2 & 3.
Quick turnaround time
  • The time zone difference between India and US can be used to advantage for providing quick turnaround time. While the US sleeps, India works, and vice-versa. This effectively gives a 24 hr working environment.
Why outsource to Soft Tech System?
  • We have a area of 10,000 sq. ft. of fully built up IT business center.
  • Over 100 workstations with various operating systems, 3 servers, high speed & high-resolution scanners and printers.
  • The facility is on round the clock, working in three shifts of 8 hours each.
  • 2mbps-leased circuit with bandwidth of 512 kbps Internet connection with a throughput of 56 kbps. i.e. 3 MB per min.
  • Two separate power stations having backup of 72 hours continuously
  • Highly skilled graduate manpower lead by young, energetic, disciplined team of business entrepreneurs.
  • Concrete and formal project methodology to meet the requirements of end client.
  • Generates data that is not less than 99.995% accurate on a letter-to-letter comparison with the source document.
  • Very high scalable capacity in terms of man-hours per day, operating round the clock, we cater to huge volumes at a very short turnaround time.
  • Follows innovative group system in order to guarantee each task to be executed with perfection.
  • Point count individual growth system
  • Fail proof communication systems and processes
  • Use of tools and applications for all critical requirements
  • Fully secured internal network and Internet policies.


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