Domain Area
Industries that Soft Tech System services:

We have been serving several insurance companies over the years and have tremendous expertise in this sector. Dedicated professionals armed with well-laid rules and procedure put their hard work ensuring quality work and timely delivery to our valued customers.

Soft Tech System specializes in huge volume claim processing, forms processing, XML conversion & delivery.


 Banking And Financial Institutions
We have been providing a wide spectrum of services to the banking sector. The majority of the projects handled are for Remittance and check processing. We also provide all kind of back office operation for banks and other financial firms. We have professionals with strong domain knowledge in this area working for us who provide insight to complex problems and help us to serve you better.
 Market Research Companies
We have strong background in serving Market Research companies. Our range of services varies from BRC, Business reply mails, BRM to market research survey forms processing. We have all kinds of solution for the data processing needs of a market research firm. We also do web based market survey and capture data in desired format for our clients.
We provide all kinds of data support to our clients in Hospital sector. We have executed several projects relating to processing of HCFA forms. We have trained professionals who can take up similar or new projects in this sector.
Data is our speciality and added to our experience in a broad segment of operational and functional areas, data management is our forte..
 Large Manufacturing Companies
We have processed all kinds of documents in this sector specially Product specifications and Manufacturing data sheets and have used our knowledge in this sector to provide value added data processing for our clients. This has helped them to improve productivity and efficiency in their processes.
 Airlines And Shipping
We have executed several projects relating to inventory records processing for flight operations of some leading airlines company in USA that has helped them to improve their productivity and reduce the backlogs greatly. We are also currently working on a project with our clients who are a leading cargo company in the area of processing of their Bill of laden data.
Our long association with infrastructure companies has provided enough experience and expertise in processing of their bills, payroll and invoice records. This gives a firm footstep to take up any similar or new project and execute them smoothly and effectively.


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